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tango a34ey7rt
Jun 3

BETAMINIC1 Betaminic currently has 1 public source available on smb.BETAMINIC1 It currently posts tips from these 7 betting strategies: Winless Home v Undefeated Away Last 3 All 111 of 111 leagues (Based on Home King by AugustinVidic) [ADDED 2023-5-11] Colossus 06 Scoring Away Overs [ADDED 2023-5-11] Contend UD [ADDED 2023-5-11] Home king [ADDED 2023-5-11] Away weak favourite 41 of 111 leagues 4%+ yields [ADDED 2023-5-11] e2 [ADDED 2023-5-11] Funger Over 2,5 – 1 [ADDED 2023-5-11] which are from of our top performing strategies. In the last 3.5 months it has made 125 points profit on 1 point level stakes. (1 EUR per tip) Please email or chat with our account here if you have any questions about the service.
May 15

TomW I have 1 active source. I post tips from my own custom made draw system. I have followed it for 1,427 bets and it has had a 7% ROI in that time. Price: 1% of stake (0.50 EUR min) Source: smb.TomW
May 17