The first and most advanced betting automation platform

Automatic order distribution and execution, bet grading and record keeping for picks originating from a virtually unlimited variety of sources.

Gain the edge with's unique features

Automated order execution, bet settlement and record keeping

Get our app, add your preferred pick sources, configure filters and options such as staking, and link up your bookmaker accounts. Bet orders will be executed instantly at the best available market prices, and the resultant bets will be settled and recorded securely in your account. Monitor your performance in real-time with's top-notch analytics.

Flexible options for submitting picks and setting pricing for pick sources

Manually submit picks or use our open APIs to automatically send picks through email or HTTP GET or POST methods. Utilize our in-built market scanners to create customizable arbitrage/value sources or connect with external providers such as websites, telegram, email, alert services, or custom-built applications. Set the pricing for your pick sources and retain 100% of your earnings.

Transparent pick verification and comprehensive source evaluation filters

We track actual market prices for submitted picks and only record them when at least one follower places the corresponding bet with the same or better odds. We use advanced filters, sorting methods and views, including ROI, profit/loss, number of picks, books used and market liquidity at pick submission time, to help you evaluate pick sources accurately and efficiently.

Advanced follower management options and extensive reporting options

Keep track of your followers' performance by using detailed reports that show information about the stakes and prices taken, ROI, profit/loss, and source fees earned. Manage the distribution of picks to protect odds in sensitive markets by setting maximum stakes and limiting access for specific followers. Personalize your service by offering personal discounts and more.

Get our Windows app and begin following profitable sources automatically or submitting your own picks

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